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Hi, my name is Anette

“How did you end up here, Anette? Are you from Mors? It must be so exiting to run a B&B. Are you doing this for a living?” That´s just some of the many questions and comments from the many wonderful guests staying on my B&B. And I really do love to live here on the beautiful Nordmors in the fascinating nature among a lot of amazing people.

In the year 2005, my husband John and I was looking for a weekendhouse, and after a long time, Heltoften showed up. In 2005 it also was a B&B. Especially I fell in love with the place, and saw the possibilities to realize an old dream to have a B&B. And John had to surrender and could cultivate the passion for art in the Gallery. A big renovation inside and outside started and midsummer 2006 we opened for the first guests in our B&B. And thar even though John got a incurable bone marrow cancer. Heltoften were for both of us a symbol of building up something while he struggled with the cancer, and it was a healing feeling for both of us. And our adult children loved the place. In 2007 we opened the Gallery with exhibitions form different artists to, and it was a great victory for both of us.

We both had great challenges getting back to our old house and the everyday life, when weekend was finished, and we decided to sell the old house and find a solution for me with a job far away from Mors. John´s disease flared up, and in may 2008 he died. What now? On the Camino del Santiago in September 2008, I decided to live on Heltoften and drive to my job, and run the BB in my spare time. I did that for 9 years until I retired for my pension in 2017. I closed the Gallery in 2019 and it is now available to rent as a holyday home to.

I was running the Gallery and the BB during the years and I´m sure that it was my way through grief and despair. Years later, at new John has entered my life, and him and the dog Luna you sometimes will meet here. Now I´m so privileged, that I can plan my life as I like. So – right now I´m chairman of Culinary Heritage Thy/Mors, something that both Heltoften and I benefits from in the form of af network of local food. And I´m in the board of Morsø Business Advise. And then I love to sing in a local choir.

And yes – I love to run my B&B. And yes – it is a hard work, especially int the summertime. And yes – so many lovely people guests the place. And yes – you can do BB for a living, though I´m happy for my pension to. And yes – my father was born on Mors, and I´m very proud to be a “half”.
And my adult children and children in laws and my 8 grandchildren loves the place and to end the day with bonfire, sausages and marshmallows.

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Anette Jensen - din værtinde på Heltoften Bed & Breakfast